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Compassionate Care: Changing the end of life


Thinking Communications

Changing thinking about how we die

Shifting healthcare’s attention from heroic measures to extend life to compassionate end-of-life care requires a cadre of reformers lobbying within the healthcare community. The Massachusetts Compassionate Care Coalition is one membership group pressing for changes in access to end-of-life care. Part of the strategy for expanding the membership was to publicize the affirming, active mission of the MCCC and explain the programs of the coalition.

Communications Thinking

Providing tools that leverage change, and hope

The  brochure outlines the activities that give health professionals ways to refocus how families approach death. The brochure uses a vibrant monoprint to evoke the positive attitude that is at the heart of the Coalition’s mission.

Client: Massachusetts Compassionate Care Coalition

Monoprint, Mary Ann Wenniger, Wenniger Cottage Gallery, Gloucester, MA

Design: Axel Magnuson

Copy: Client with Axel Magnuson

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