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Building public trust: communicating mission and establishing confidence



Thinking communications

What needed to be said?

Manchester’s newly established Community Preservation Committee had been given the proceeds of a 1/2% property tax surcharge to spend on projects, but each proposal had to be voted on at Town Meeting. Voters weren’t sure what the Committee would reallly do, what their mission was. Nor did they understand the  projects they were to vote on. The Committee needed a brochure to pass out the night of Town Meeting, the one-shot at setting expectations and getting projects approved. The Committee chose to emphasize the “historic preservation” part of its mandate and to organize the brochure around brief descriptions while providing a welter of financial data as required by law.

Communications thinking

Designing and writing to say it…

Using historic line drawings of old Manchester to establish the historic preservation theme, the brochure highlighted descriptions of the projects first and then provided back-up finance figures for those who wanted to know about the organization of the funds and costs of projects.

Page 1 from CPC_S76c

Client: Community Preservation Committee, Manchester, MA

Two page brochure with financial presentation: Axel Magnuson

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