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Representing complexity: Value chain partners

ASMO ORS supply_V10

Thinking communications

Information graphic, proposal development

Making the impossibly complex comprehendible was the object of this piece in a proposal to the US Agency for International Development.

In formal, full proposals clarity usually succumbs to detail in describing projects with lots of moving parts. Social marketing– commercialization of products with high social impact using targeted marketing– is an example. Explaining the role of this Afghan social marketing organization in commercialization of subsidized pharmaceuticals had to describe everything–strategic and tactical– from local manufacture of products through policy support by the Afghan government to highlighting the direct impact on the Afghan consumer. The complex text narrative threatened to smother the big picture of what it would be doing and how it would be working in meeting the healthcare needs of Afghans.

Communications thinking

Showing relationships in a process

An information graphic was chosen to summarize the process. The value-chain concept is commonly used to explain-and program- complex business relationships involved in the delivery of products and simplifies the description by identifying the critical points at which partners contribute most to the delivery process. Here a graphic representation of the value chain perspective was used to illustrate sequences of actions and the roles of stakeholders.

Client: For USAID/Afghanistan through the COMPRI-A Social Marketing Project

Information graphic, proposal drafting, document preparation 

ASMO ORS supply_V10

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