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Establishing business presence: using social media to establish roots and sell art

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Thinking communications

Facebook business page, sale campaign, print brochures, print ads

Two artists, having recentlly closed their fine-art print gallery, needed to hive off their large collection of prints gathered over 30 years. They were considering newspaper and magazine ads. Thinking more broadly about what they wanted to accomplish revealed that their deepest wish was to become more involved with the local arts community–the inventory sale was important but secondary. How to do that–what message and what medium to use–was the reframed task. Social media, unfamiliar to the owners, was discussed as a tool for creating connections.

Communications Thinking

With the goals clearer, the strategy was to use social media, Facebook, to establish connection with other artists and potential customers by promoting a sales event. The goal of getting mor integrated intothe community was advanced by announcing participation in a large-scale community museum event. This supplemented other outreach via print ads and press releases.

Client: Wenniger Cottage Gallery

Facebook cover page: Axel Magnuson

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