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Marketing Green: Selling an invisible feature


Thinking communications

Sharpening the competitive edge

This architect developer knew his potential market. He was pitching his Green condos to both cost-consciousness and our “better sides”. From research on the complex new (2003) Green Market we grouped all the technical–and largely invisible– “green” features, gave them names people could relate to and then prioritized the features. The strategy for delivering his message was in two stages: It centered on refocusing the routine selling pitches of real estate agents from price to sustainable green. Agents would be the ones to make the largely invisible visible.

Communications thinking

Showing the edge: Refocusing the point of sale

The point of sale is the real estate agent showing the house and its features. Getting to buyers is thus a two-stepper: Working with groups of agents in their initial walk-through followed by agents showings to buyers. This sustainability message was talked up at the Agent’s walk-through and the brochure given to the listing agents for distribution.

Client: G2 Development, Cambridge, MA

Two page brochure: Axel Magnuson GB2_Greensheet_v3c


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